At an early age of 5, Peter went to local concerts in his then home town of Thaxted, Essex at the “Thaxted Festival” - his very early influences to inspire him to compose music later on were seeing the late John Ogdon, and John Lill perfoming live music, in particular music by Rachmaninoff, also music by Beethoven, Chopin and Liszt. 

He started playing and learning the Piano at 10 years of age. At the age of 14, he became a chorister in the choir of St. Edmundsbury Cathedral, Bury St. Edmunds. Listening to the organists improvise at the beginning of the services inspired his own improvising and composing ability. 

He gave a concert in July 1996 which raised money for the Organ appeal at St. Mary's Church, Saffron Walden, performing improvisations in the style of Rachmaninoff. 

Peter composed the music for an anti-bullying project video on YouTube, and his music was used for promotion of a reflexology website. 

Peter completed his Peaceful Tranquil Piano, a 3-disc compilation, in April 2017, featuring relaxing composed and improvised music. He is now working on a new album, and plans to put on another concert in May 2019.